Parking @ Leicester Square . . . . .

Parking @ Leicester Square . . . . .

Was called last night at late notice to go and sort out some security issues at a Gig in London. The Hippodrome on Leicester Square.

Off I go, and have a nightmare trying to find a parking space.

Get to the venue, and end up having a row with a traffic warden because my bike is not allowed to share a bay with another vehicle. Neither vehicle was outside any lines!

I am now starting to get annoyed because i am going to be late!

But . . . .

Boss walks over mid argument, i close my eyes and start praying for both me and the traffic warden!

2 mins later, i have a brain wave (quite rare!) - Got bosses keys for the lorry (contemplated runing them both down), and found the following solution . . . . .

Everyone happy - Bike secure, in work on time, no parking ticket!!

lol, result!

Ha ha good plan! Did it go up on a lift which then goes in the back or did you wedge it in?!

tail lift, then drag/cary/wedge

Thats a tight squidge there mate!

I usually find that either one of the three bike bays nearby have a spot, one is on the cobbled bit near the south east entrance road to LS (irving st) , the other opposite the reduced shakespere company theatre (gt newport st) and one other one near there I can remember (think near avenue Q)…

Nice one but… Then NCP beside the Penthouse Club also known as Number One Leicester Square is only £3 for 24hours and its safe as its underground.
All cars have to be parked by a member of the NCP staff meaning no public are allowed in the lift near your bike, vans can’t fit in the lift so the bike won’t get lifted, the only members of the public allowed in the lifts and underground are bikers.

£3 what a deal :slight_smile:

LOL, superb work Chribi :slight_smile: Just hope the boss didn’t leave before you!

quality, i like it, should have left it in there and told them to drive you home.

I think it might have gone up to £4 now, but still a bloomin good deal!