Parking in City

I just had a “chat” with a traffic warden. He was ticketing
a 125cc bike parked on the pedestrian area of Wood St,
just off London Wall, at the end of the Boris bike rank.

I pointed out that the bike isn’t in anyone’s way and
is not obstructing the road or traffic at all, (it’s 30m away).
And is not obsructing pedestrians or cyclists.

I asked why he was ticketing it.

The answer, no surprise… “It’s my job”.

Ho hum, some people can’t / don’t want to see the bigger
picture. :crazy:

Both sides are understandable.
Was the 125er there only a minute, or for a longer period?
Also, if one bike starts it and gets to do it, more will follow and indeed it’ll be fuller/more obstructive at some point then.

That said, I’m risking it daily too by parking on the pavement for 1 minute, max. 90 seconds (timed it), before I move it into the building. As it is, I have no other way of doing it :expressionless: