Parking in chelsea/kensington

I am in need of some advise. I need to park my bike in Chelsea for the next couple of days, but the only motorcycle bays close to where I am working is residents bays. There is a normal bike bay 10min walk from there but it is full of delivery peds the whole day. Here is my plan… Take a bike cover with me and chain it securely over the bike and the bike to the hoops provided. The only way for them to get my reg no will be to cut the cover. Now, are they allowed to cut the cover of my bike? Or cut the chain to remove the bike? Help on this matter will be apreciated.

The can now remain the cover… you’ll get a ticket for sure.

They can certainly remove the cover to identify a vehcile. And can legally remove and potentially crush any vehicles that can’t be identified because they have no plate etc.

Yip, I have read that they can remove the cover, but are the allowed to cut the cover or chains? My cover gets chained front and back to the bike. Surely that will be criminal damage??

Yes it would be, so they won’t. But the local authority can do almost anything to remove and crush any vehicle not displaying tax and your tax disc has your registration number on it. Having a vehicle on the road with an obscured number plate is also an offence with a £1000 fine.This is not a game you can win.

Move the pizza delivery scoots. These are a problem throughout K&C I have no sympathy for them.

What I don’t understand to this date, I see bikes being parked on pavements, and there are no signs on buildings saying company parking for bikes or anything like that? I then see those creature wardens just walk past as if there are no bikes on the pavements? pls sum1 explain

The local authority can cut the cover to ascertain the registration to issue a PCN. The actions won’t be construed a “Criminal damage” unless you could prove that the action was wholly unreasonable e.g. they could have just lifted it as it was not secure. This position is supported by legislation that recently came into force.

From the description you give I suspect that they would have no problems in demonstrating reasonableness as you already said that it is secured down.

Likewise to remove the vehicle they can cut chains as long as the vehicle is illegally parked in a public area (its gets a bit complicated but that’s the simple explanation)

Probally easier just to find a legal space

If you park illegally in Kensington and Chelsea you will get fined. That is a given. The traffic wardens, removal units and clampers are a highly organised, highly mobile army with loads of vehicles (including scooters) at their disposal.

The following site will give you a few more suggestions of where to park, but if you are going to risk doing what you planned to do you may aswell write a cheque for £60 before you set off.

Well I just returned from parking in K&C and at the moment it is round 1 to me. 4 more to go. I had a look throughout the day and the closest non permit bays (four of them) are full of bloody mopeds. I think I will chance my hand for the next couple of days. I can use the tube but, it will take over a hour to get there but on the bike it took me 15min. I do have a parking fine budget every month for all the work vans and bike, so I might have to use some of that if need be.