Parking fine with valid parking permit

Hi guys, just a quick one - l got parking fine for parking my bike in front of my house even though l have a valid resident permit - of course l cannot display my permit…because where? l have written a challenge explaining this situation but just want to be clear l am right here.

ps - Parked in Lambeth &- l’m am not aware of any motorcycle stickers or anything from council

Did you ask the council how you were supposed to display the permit, or if there were any motorbike-specific ones? I’d challenge either way, but if there is a more motorbike-specific way of doing it then I’d not be surprised if you lose the challenge.

when l applied there was an option for the vehicle type - motorcycle - council didn’t supply extra details though, l gonna play that ball (which is true)

Lambeth has Motorcycle specific permits. No instructions on how a motorcycle should display the permit. For a car it says in the windscreen, but not all bikes have a wind screen…

I think you’ll find the requirement is to display a valid permit Therefore you’ve committed the offence, don’t let that stop you appealing though or asking the question regarding displaying the permit on a motorcycle.

Yup thanks TimmyFox
great find

“The permit must be displayed facing outwards, on the near side of the windscreen at all times”

Nothing about motorcycles :slight_smile: l do have old tax disc hlder and now l will squeeze my permit there somehow…it is A4 letter though, but for the sake of the challenge l have something to hold on to

and the funny thing is - lve been parking for months! and saw wardens every day passing by, never got one ticket. must be someone new and damn eager:P

The permit is an A4 letter?!

Ask for the evidence of the missing permit, when they send it, send a photo back with your permit displayed somewhere not visible in their photo (where it had been all along of course)

damit , good idea monkimark but lve already submitted my challenge…well will wait for answer and see how it goes ;)))

PS. there is no photo evidence (lve just logged in on council website)

See I thought there had to be photo evidence of the offence now. So you could also challenge the fact that no picture was taken!!

Also highlight the challenge of tax holders. Anyone and i mean anyone with a spanner or screw driver (depending on fitting) can just have it away with your permit. No real way of securing it on a bike

oh actually my tax holder is just a rubber so you dont need any tools at all to open it up

as tax discs are no longer required you cant be expected to have one

No, but you’d not be expected to use the one that’s got your tax disc in anyway. If they give you a permit that they expect to be put in a tax disc holder then they’re also expecting you to get another one for the purpose.

So what is the outcome?

well…nothing so far, Lambeth is rubbish in processing those l guess…not that lm complaining;)