Parking Demo

I must be an idiot because I can’t find this posted on this site anywhere. It has to be here. In case I’m not, here’s the information, offered without any opinion from me.

No To Bike Parking Fees Motorcycle ‘Demo’ Ride from Ace Cafe London

Date: 1st February 2009
Meet from 9am
Depart: 10.30am

The ride will be going to central London to protest in respect of
proposed motorcycle parking fees, thereafter on to the MCN Motorcycle
Show at ExCel in Docklands.

For more info on the demo ride:

I’m totally against motorcycle parking charges but a demo on a sunday past Westminster?

surely a week day would be better at least there would be some Polititions about!!!

I’ve been on Killspills demos in the past (on a sunday) and will (work permitting) be on this one.