Parking at Stanstead

So, of to Bari (southern Italy) in a few weeks time for the weekend… biking from work to Stanstead…however, where can I leave the bike … a standard car-park in advance or any other place ? Also, a locker somewhere to keep my biking gear would be ideal…


London Stansted Airport

Motorcyclists can park free of charge at Stansted Airport. Free motorcycle parking is available in the Red car park in the short stay car park and zone Q in the long stay car park.

phone the airport for lockers they can advise you

if you don’t get any joy let me know mrs wise has friends at the airport & could possibly help

The short stay parking is right outside the terminal & free, but can get very packed especially as the weather improves.

There’s no lockers that I’m aware of, the only option is the left luggage which is £10 a day, anytime I’ve parked there it has been on a bike with a top box so not needed it.

Cool, I didn’t know you could leave it for free! Is it safe?

Amit enjoy your italian hols :slight_smile:

Reasonably safe but cover it

when I park there I always cover it

I’ve left bikes there a few times with no issues, and I’ve just stuffed it in a corner when the bike bays are taken and nobody’s said they mind.

It’s right outside the terminal building, considering the current level of security & monitoring at airports I’d say it would be significantly safer there than parked pretty much anywhere else.

Wow, this is gonna change so much things :slight_smile:

yeah, it changes Stansted from the least-onvenient London airport for me to the most convenient one. Enough to get me on Ryanair…