Parking around Sloane St

Just started a new role on Sloane St and had a little walk at lunch to scout out a space going forward.
Found a solo MC space, but wandered what the protocol was around here with leaving your chain on posts?
I’ve got a Almax and it’s as heavy as a small child, so thinking of leaving it by the spaces…

I wouldn’t leave a chain over night, it might be sneaky pre cut waiting for a bike to be attached.


Will have to carry and build these muscles up then lol

For my two penneth if someone is brazen enough to attack motorcycle security in broad daylight then size doesn’t matter neither is it much more of a deterrent. A 19 mm chain will only take seconds more to defeat than a 12 mm chain which weighs in at a sensible 70% less. Quantity is more likely to offer greater security, get yourself a carry chain that is suitable to carry and one or two disc locks. That’s how I tethered the Bonne (Squire 12mm x 2.0M chain & SS50CS padlock and a pair of Xena XX14 disc locks) when leaving it all day in the City. Note also you’re not always going to find a space where you can tether a motorcycle.

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I do have a disc lock too. My Almax just gives me more confidence to be honest.