Parked outside my house now!!!!

Cool as feccccck! :cool:

What is it though?


Glad you like my new wheels :smiley:

Ahhhrrrr nice! where did you buy the body kit for your fiesta from? :smiley:

looks like a koenigsegg

thats an educated guess though, dont hold me by it :stuck_out_tongue:

whats educated about it :smiley: :wink:

It’s a Mosler

Halfrauds :smiley: Got some neons underneath for night time too :stuck_out_tongue:

10 points for phil its a mosler for sure :smiley:

the logo on the wheels looked very similar to koenigsegg :stuck_out_tongue:

not bad for £175,000.00 on the road :w00t:

Glad he paid and displayed !!


He’s gone now. Typically his misses was fit :hehe: although he looked a tit, ofcourse!!! I mean how could he not :smiley:

Fuggin 'orrible colour:D

can i beat it with me r6?

if you strap it to the front:P

i had the privilege of a ride in a tvr the other day the whole way to cardiff and back for a site meeting, awesome machine.

ive never been in something on 4 wheels, that feels so close to the sound and speed of a motorbike.

Whilst eating lunch and having a meeting on route :w00t:

unfortunatly not mate just googled its spec

the Mosler MT900 SGT 560bhp and 204.6mph would be fun trying though :stuck_out_tongue:


Performance: 0 to 60 mph 3.1 sec, 0 to 100 mph 6.5 sec, 0 to 150 mph 13.8 sec.
Standing Quarter Mile: 11.0 sec @ 135 mph.
Max Speed: +190 mph.

Standing Quarter Mile: 11.4 sec @ 126 mph. :crying:
Max Speed: 160 mph.


I’ve just found this

2008 yzf r6 10.45 sec @131.57 mph 1/4 mile time - :smiley:

A lurvly looking car.