park it in the market greenwich

any one else been down to this yet been down a few times now seems a gd night some awesome motors seen so far and bikes…, just up the road from blackheath t hut…:slight_smile:

Shame I got rid of my old Honda :frowning:

Ooh, pre-1990? I can do that. It says “monthly” but also “29th August”; do you know what the pattern is?

I wouldn’t go unless they provided space at the back for newer bikes. That area is hot for bike theft :frowning:

last Thursday of the month, bikes can park in the market, they are less strict on the bikes so no issues with theft.

you can park your bike in the entrance to the market were i put mine, so its pritty safe with all the other bikes and you can see it…:wink: iam on a 05 bike my self so i leave it in the entrance with the rest… but may take my 79 this week

the next one is this Thursday the 26th 19.30pm- on.

i might pop down

:slight_smile: ayah good. Can’t make it this week but will try the next