My thoughts are with everyone there.


It is a terrible event. We need level headed thinking and a clear response to this. Not an outpouring of revenge and diatribe. It is getting scary out there now, with fractures in society on religious grounds becoming more apparent.

Sometimes I’m so ashamed of our species and the pointless, senseless violence that we commit, and the ludicrous “reasons” that we use to justify it.

Thoughts and condolences to all the innocents and their families.

Agree Janey- it is all so pointless.
I have no words.

Don’t be “ashamed of our species”. Those atrocities were committed by individuals, not by our whole species. As a species, we are generally good, helpful and generous to our own species as well as others.

I’m just waiting for Cameron to use that as justification to go to war in Syria, and to have pushed through parliament.

It is a shocking day for France, and the second attack in a relativity sort time. :frowning:

I’m not surprised by this at all.hell Isis have even given warning that its gonna happen ,it’s coming to the UK very soon,RIP to all those who lost their lives,you can blame the weak governments and do gooders they have blood on their hands,the only chance you have is China and Russia to save the world from these scum.


Wembley had a tribute in lights.

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And are now hosting the friendly between England and France. Nice work Wembley

Yea, fair point, but it still brought a tear to Mrs J`s eye when all the lights were on together.
They switched the arch off before we got close but the Arena is hosting nothing French so we will withhold judgement.

Madness, worried about the missus using public transport even more now. Troubling times

There you are jets

Sad state of affairs.

I am due to be the guest speaker at the Colchester advanced driving group tomorrow night.

Just had an email from the organiser to say that he will not be there as his son was one of those killed at the music concert in Paris on Saturday night.

I cannot even begin to imagine what he and his family must be going through. I have dealt with many hundereds of fatalities over the years, but this is something completely different.

My respect to the chap for letting me know that the he will not be there but the meeting goes ahead. To be honest, if that had been me, I am not so sure that I would have been as thoughtful at a time like this.

Sometimes routine and responsibility are the only things you can grab on to keep yourself from going crazy, at times of unbearable pain.

It’s hard to put the lid back on a box that we ourselves opened…we ll be in Syria before long…only question is whether Assad will be allowed to remain in power…the Russians seem to be softening their stance on him staying now…

It’s been a terrible last few days for all of humanity, be it Paris, Syria, Iraq, Kenya, Afganistan, Lebanon, to name a few…

I do agree that routine and normality can sometimes be the way to carry on moving, as we showed with 7/7 or 9/11… This is one of my favourite things that I saw recently - locals going out and enjoying a drink, as usual, in Paris after the attacks:

I don’t want to be that guy but we have to be prepared for something like to happen in our city too. Supposedly someone’s threatened already that London and Rome are next.

There are far too many radicalised people here plus we keep letting more in. Now it seems that some of the terrorists were part of the “refugees”, which was to be expected really if we let everyone with no documents into Europe. It’s starting to get scary to have to use public transport again.

London has been ‘that’ city for a while now, several advanced credible threats have been disrupted past few years its a constant battle. The security services have to get it right everytime but the terrorists only once. The general public never hear of the successes of the security services only the failures .

Home grown terrorism plots and the lone gunman are some of the hardest to counter.

Theres lots Joe bloggs can do to feel safer, starting with opening your eyes to life, to often people look without seeing, glued to their phones, ignoring their surroundings, becoming atuned to their environment it helps builds a sense of confidence, being prepared to question what seems out of place rather than turning a blind eye, also taking some form of awareness and reactive threat training can help. It’s a lifestyle that isn’t about paranoia just awareness and a state of readiness.

If anyone wants any advice for peace of mind then feel free to drop me a line.

Let’s not jump to conclusions - they haven’t worked out why there was a Syrian passport with one of them (and even that isn’t confirmed). We (I assume you mean the other European countries) are letting people in (where we/European countries do anyway) as a kind/goodwill gesture - you will always have people who abuse the system, as with anything else in life, never mind immigration/border control.

Btw, good words/ideas, Firo.