Paris-Dakar 2014

As per usual f’all about it starting tomorrow in Argentina, and then only 30mins per day on TV at 22:00 on Eurosport.
This year we have a 24yr old Brit who may actually have a chance albeit a slim one, Sam Sunderland

Seems to have lost its broadcast appeal unfortunately.

Sam Sunderland is definately in with a chance, quickest over stage 2

Currently 3rd

Stage 3 is not one you want to be starting first on.…mp4…mp4

Thanks for these!

No problem :slight_smile:

It’s another lost it’s way event like the pikes peak hillclimb . Paris -Dakar … starts in Argentina … Already my eyes glaze over and my it’s just not the same instinct kicks in .

How about Bolivia…

The wrestling…

The Women…

The ladies…

The scenery……mp4…mp4

So Sam is out with engine failure…that boy needs some luck.…mp4

Paulo Goncalves lost his bike. apparently grass got caught behind the bashplate and touched the exhaust header…mp4