parents can be so cruel to their kids.


I was at school with a Richard Head.

(Think about it.)

I once met a girl whose surname was pronounced Morecock (can’t remember the spelling)

She told me that her brother was named Isaac…

Now either she had the cruellest parents, or had got tired of people making fun of her… :stuck_out_tongue:

NO WAY! My head master was Richard Head! :hehe:

TO be fair though on that link, a lot of them looked like made up names havin a laugh! “Mike Litoris” - christ that’s striaght out of Episode 2 Series 7 of the Simpsons!

Yes but people are stupid.

I went to school with a James Bond. Yes he got sick of it.

I also went to school with an Andrew Pratt. Yep read out everyday A Pratt.

My sister is a vice principal at a school where there is a brother and sister: Hercules and Princess Cleopatra…and no they dont resemble their name sakes!

I went to school with both a Richard Holder and a Richard Cramp…