Parenting - you're doing it right!



Excellent :laugh::laugh: Just how I taught my sprogs to behave properly :smiley:


if they were doing parenting completely right they wouldn’t have bout 1 direction tickets in the first place :Whistling:

A bit double standard… but amusing nonetheless :smiley:

£14k for 4 tickets :crazy:

Clearly made up…but funny-ish, although humiliating your kids online is a bit below the belt imo.

I’m too in favour of old fashion beating up.


No need for beating kids these days , ipods ,wifi ,playstations etc have made punishment and reward as easy as with a dog .And the really funny thing is they ask for this stuff thinking its a good thing when all they are doing is tying their own leads to their necks and sending themselves to bed when told :smiley:


Ended early :frowning: