paranoid ride

is it just me or were people this evening a bit on the edge? and the whole atmosphere whilst riding was a bit tense, with no real flow to peoples driving everyone doing whatever. i felt really nervous riding back from work today, almost as if my time is up and i’m due to either crash into someone or have someone crash into me…i’m going to sound weird but i honestly got bad vibes from motorists today ( plus i was tired and found it hard to concentrate ), i decided to go straight home but even that was scary, i rode with a hangover a few times but boy this was a different experience, riding whilst having this gut feeling that something is about to happen.

also doesn’t help the fact that i either had my tax disc stolen or lost

Don’t care about anyone else but I am always on the Edge.

The Edge of Glory…

Full moon…

You need to use all your senses riding a bike so the 6th sense is often right, I always listen to it. Sometimes you can tell when something is going to happen and it does.

Other times you’re so confident and everything flows, that’s biking:)

You have had a bad pint and too many chocolate hobnobs this afternoon, and they have given you the shakes. Don’t worry all will be Ok tomorrow :slight_smile: