Long story but basically 2 weeks ago somebody jumped my garden fence in the wee hours and pushed my old rusty scrambler out of the garden and down to the sidegate with a view to starting it , bashing through the gate and taking off.
Luckily it had no petrol,coils or ignition so starting it is, er , a bit impossible.

My fault really as I had left it unchained in the middle of the garden whilst I was working on it - in a position visable from a number of other houses one of which had a load of builders in ( my guess being,maybe unfairly, that my neighbours tend to be elderly and or ‘respectable’ but an itinerant labourer might fancy a go at it ).

Anyway - now chained up securely (Almax) and I have a timed alarm on the gate…so should be okay.

But since,touch wood, I have never been burgled here or had a bike nicked it left me feeling a bit violated.

Also there was a nagging thought that the scrotes who did it were discussing it over a glue sniff and deciding when was the best time to return and have a better go…

This morning I woke to find the cover lifted to expose the security chain.

The wind did it? Probally.

But my paranoia thinks it was the scrotes out on the streets after Halloween returning for go number 2 and being surprised it was chained up…:crazy:

Bloody ridiculous!

Hmmm. Make it as hard as you can mate. Cheap disc lock alarm on rear disc hidden?

Done! :slight_smile:

It’s just paranoia on my part ---- will pass in about 3 months!

Don’t wanna feed your paranoia… but I’m gonna anyway :smiley:

I had a GSXR1000 stolen from my house, and in the days leading up to the theft notice that the cover kept being raised up and I thought it was the wind… also kept finding my dog sniffing round by the door, and growling but by the time I looked out no one was there… obviously they were!

Put the bike indoors, leave the angry dog under the cover - simples.

Ohh… was in parked in the drive or behind a gate???

If you are working on the bike, take the front (simpler) wheel out and take that in doors. Kind of slows amateur scrotes down a tad.

Sort out some CCTV. Single cam kits are pretty cheap these days, start at around ~£100 down Maplin, probably cheaper still online. It’ll put your mind to rest as to whether it was wind lifting cover or not. Worst comes to worst, it could provide the last key piece of evidence to bang up some known scum bags.

Maybe - might get some remote zone alarms too - that won’t be set off by a moggie or a fox!

I bet I can guess what the cctv will show they’re wearing…

Hoodie, trackie bottoms, baseball cap and cloth mask over face…

Mind you they might have been in a morning suit and top hat for all I know at the moment…:slight_smile:


Get one of these set up in your garden, will give any do-as-you-likey a soaking!

That filled with Smartwater or something worse would be good. Just don’t zap yourself :slight_smile:

He he - purple tracker dye…

Then I just turn up at the local McD’s and wait for a purple faced scrote to turn up with red raw bits where he tried to scrub it off…

I’m loving it!