Paolo "Tex" Tesio creates a Monster

Paolo Tesio is a car designer that also has a passion for two wheels.

He wanted to update the old Ducati Monster S4R and doing so created the MS4R concept.

First of all he put the S4R on a diet and after the weightloss he also made it more ‘compact’, more streamlined and mean. To complement the look the aggressive sound comes from an QD ex-Box exhaust system that ends with a small underbelly end-can.

A head lamp from a Ducati MH 900 was used as its smaller and more modern, and was places between the forks. What makes this bike different though is the pair of fork covers that have the Ducati logo of the 80s.

Tex says that if the response will be good enough, he might actually put this kit into production. To find out more about this designer and his work, check his facebook page out.

more pics here

It looks like a cornered badger.

bet it goes like stink as well :smiley:

i really like that

Customizing a Monster is a proper drug…
It becomes seriously addictive and you really risk ending up broke.
I was trying to stay well away from it but eventually I got sucked in!!!
I need help (or more money) :crying:

I’ll post some picture of the first mods soon!

bump for those on facebook and google+ :stuck_out_tongue:


Me no likey - the hunchback look just doesn’t do it for me.

That looks stunning. I love it.