Pants only LB London cruise ?

Anyone up for doing a ride around London in nothing but a pair of pants

Pant choice is yours? Just putting it out there.:eyes::eyes::eyes:

Hmmmm shame it would have been a laughโ€ฆ

Shame you didnโ€™t put this up when it was 30Cโ€ฆ :smiley:

Is there a choice where these pants can be worn?

Pants-on-head only cruise?

Iโ€™m serious can you imagine cruising through Piccadilly with just an outrageous pair of tiger stripe pants on !!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


What about a mankini or some divitive

Borat style in iluminous green! Perfect :ok_hand:

Was it you at the Southend burn-up, thought l recognised the shaved legs.

From the time you helped me make them silky smooth :kissing_heart: