Pan's joke of the day

I just found out I am color blind. I’m shocked.
It totally came out of the purple.

You may be lysdexlic too.  Unless you’re American.

im greek :stuck_out_tongue:

Colour not color.  We’re in England you know.

Just for the sake of being pedantic, there is also no colour blindness which cannot see blue apart from the extremely rare inability to perceive any colour at all.  But even if there were it would obviously affect purple too, being made up of blue.  Although some people with red-green colour blindness can see blue but not purple because of their inability to see red.

But as a child we had a broken TV for a while at home which could not show blue, and it made skies green.  It also made Automan green, which in hindsight was probably more appropriate given the computer monitors of the day.