Pan's hot tip of the day

Replace your backprotector with ice packs!!
Instant Cool! :grimacing:

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Hah. By the time you get to work it’d have the added benefit of being a drinking water pouch :sunny::slight_smile:

You know, now we have heated under garments, it makes me wonder why we don’t have water-cooling layers too like NASA astronaughts wear under their space suits? Could be an idea :slight_smile:

Ask and you shall receive

Or air con if you prefer

Hrm, interesting. It looks more like an advanced wiking system than something like active water cooling, which would be pretty awesome. Worth a look at!

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Hah, nice and simple. Passive system though by the looks of it. Won’t help when you’re in slow traffic, which is when the heat is worse!

Alpinestar have a watercooled base layer

I’ve got a set of the ventz, was great until I got a jacket with vents up the sleeves making them redundant

Re Ventz: wouldnt want to fall of the bike with those hard plastic things on my wrists! :roll_eyes: