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Pan's cave

Been quiet on here and especially the Pun thread (sorry @me_groovy ) due to working on converting an single brick outbuilding into a PanCave/ office.

Here are some pics:

Original structure as we found it… not idea why it was left at this stage

damp proof memberane going down

insulation on floors


measuring where battens should go

insulation in ceiling - cold roof

more battens

vapour membrane over batten (roof tile)

insulation on walls

all wrapped up and taped up

tapered plasterboards going in

walls done

tape and join

sand and paint - i didnt skim the walls

vinyl tile going down

moving in!


It looks dark in your cave

I was going to say it looks empty… Very minimalist

You’re missing the photos @Panagiotis. Did you close the post control before the uploads were complete?

I think he wasn’t happy when he looked at the photos so decided to bulldoze it to the ground and start again

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whaaaa!! this was a draft! no idea how it posted!

its actually bright… whiteout bright


No bike…
No workbench…
No tool cabinets/storage…
No beer fridge…

Go and stand in the corner of your wendy house for an hour & have a good think about your priorities in life.


OK… its an office… Pan’s Office! :smiley:

That’s mighty impressive work there :+1::+1::+1:

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It’s really impressive work @Panagiotis.

One thing that’s just come to mind. What about an integrated air-con unit? You would really appreciate that in the summer. It’ll be hot as F in there.

It’s under the trees and North facing so should be ok…

If not I’ll just sit outside in the garden, now that we have WiFi at the end

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what that lacks is artwork

Yep loads of my photos to be hang

Just make sure they’re Panoramic


I like the flooring. Good choice.

There’s even room for a mini fridge with a few beers.

oh I also went for a Cat6 armoured cable with a LAN to LAN router in the end.
speeds in here are as good as in the house!

hope you’re going to wall mount that

prob go in a corner unit