Panniers or tail pack

Which one or both? and what make would people recomend - looking for a decent set and waterproof would be an advantage.


both ok mate, had the oxford ones before I got the givi stuff they have good covers as well, and good value

Tank bag.

carrier bag n bungees ?

End of June me and some mates went across the Pyrenee’s Mountains, we all just used the Kriega Tail bags.
I used a us20 & 10, They clip to each other. Cleaver design.

IF ANY BODY PLANNING A BIKE TRIP THE PYENEE’S ARE THE BEST ROADS i have riden in my life.:):):slight_smile:
I need to go back!!!

I’d recommend the above :smiley:

id get a tail pack… i got panniers, and never use them…

They say ‘throw over panniers’… takes a little more effort than it sounds…

Don’t get me wrong… if you are going on a mamoth road trip, they are worth the 10mins or so prep… i am just impatient.

I have the oxford sports ones (the new ones) in blue. look mint when on but not as convenient as i imagined… in fact, you can buy them off me… pretty sure i have them in there packaging still!!

Got some Oxford throwover panniers. They work as good as you fit 'em but the waterproof covers get ripped orf if you ride at a good pace. We bag everything inside and nothing gets wet :cool:

Hmm seems like US-20 tail pack then.