Panniers and Preload

Quick and possibly stupid question - am heading off for 10 days around Scotland on the bike and will have a couple of panniers on the back and was wondering if I need to increase the rear preload. My thoughts are that it’s probably only an extra 10-15 kilos at the absolute max so probably not needed, but would appreciate views/advice on this one please.


Not a stupid question at all. On std settings (especially on a tourer) I’ve regularly found it helps to add a bit of rear preload, this helps the bike steer a bit more quickly and will stop it running wide on the exit.

It does depend where your settings are at the moment though and how the bike is handling.

15 kilos is not a lot of weight but more compression damping may be needed to. You’ll know when you’ve added too much because the ride will be harsh.

its not just the weight, its the fact that the weight is towards the back of the bike and has leverage over the shock, generally its best to set up the sag with the panniers loaded and in place, and possibly adjust the damping, otherwise on uneven roads you can get an oscilation in the suspension that feeds on itself.I’m sure someone will come along with the correct technical terms. :slight_smile:

yup I put 1 turn on the screw at bottom of my 'birds suspension when fully loaded with pillion n luggage if I dont the handling is all over the place bordering on dangerous :):slight_smile:

Cheers all for the advice. I’ll get adjusting first thing in the morning. Might have to take the manual with me on the road to make further adjustments if and when needed. I haven’t tinkered with the suspension before so not keen to muck around with it too much in one go. :w00t: Incremental adjustments the way to go I think.