Pannier rack with a High Exhaust (VFR)


I am looking for a rack that will take my E36 panniers.

I have a rack currently but it will only fit when I put the standard can back on the bike which I try not to do whenever possible.

Do any of you know of a system that would fit? I would mod a rack but me + tools dont mix well generally unless the purpose is to break something apart.

If its not an option I will look at getting some soft panniers I think.


Have you got a Wingrack or tubular?

Its this one I have mate


That’s the wingrack. Speak to Dave Wilkins at Dave Wilkins motorcycles, he can make a wingrack fit anything (including my Ducati Multistrada for which it was not an original fitment). Think he’s Dave_Spanners on this forum.

Ahh brilliant, I will indeed, hopefully he can weld some hand holds onto this as well.

Thanks Stuart.