Panel Sprayer

Hi all,

The recent decision to keep hold of my Z750S for another year has come hand in hand with the decision to spray the panels the Matching Candy Plasma Blue - Anyone on LB a good Panel Sprayer? Or does anyone know of a good Panel Sprayer?

Thanks all!


I think he wanted some usefull names and numbers , not ’ a day in the life of dan’ :wink:

Custom paintshop ‘Altamura’ - in Camberley, Surrey (off Jct.4 M3) - particularly if you want something bespoke and different - I’m gonna take my ZX7R panels down there for a groovy paint job when I have the dosh. :slight_smile:

examples of their work:

Really like the detailing on that tigers head, very lifelike .

Love the courier imitation tank with the fake dents in it :smiley: