Pancake Eating Freaks

This is a track by my nephews band the Pancake Eating Freaks (PFE), don’t ask who came up with the name as I don’t have a clue! The eldest nephew is 19 and is the drummer, the younger one is 16 and is the bass player, he also writes some of the songs, and the guitarist is their mate who’s also 19.

Pancake Eating Freaks - Can I Get Away

The PFE MySpace page which has some more tracks on it.

They love music and love performing and their old man (my bruv) seems to get more nervous when they are doing a gig than they do!

The drummer has been looking into going to Drumtech to study, even though he is already very good, and is a big fan of Thomas Lang but he loves great drummers all of kinds, he was showing me a Buddy Rich video the other day and was blown away at the guys speed and talent, and that was back in the 60’s! He also plays in the same covers band as my bruv, who’s also a bassist, to earn some extra cash to fund his drumming obsession.

The bassist got an ‘A’ in music last year and is now doing a 2 year music course at the local college.

And if that wasn’t enough their little sister, who’s 14 or 15…I always forget, sings (her favourite number is ‘My Eternal’ by Evanescence) and she’s pretty good too, her voice is definitely coming on.

Obviously I was passed over when they were handing out musical talent…although I like to think my nephew inherited my interest in drumming! :wink:

Not bad Tim, it`s good to see new bands perform and with instruments aswell.

When is Pancake Day?..yummm;)

Trust you to think about food straight away! :wink:

Feb 5th next tuesday :smiley:


That is such a lie!:smiley:

It was at least 4 seconds after opening the thread:D:D:D