I’m wondering whether anyone has used an Anti-scratch film to prevent scratched etc on tanks / bodywork? If so is it any good, does it look crap, is it permanant, easy to remove??

I am getting some scratches either side of my tank from a hard bit of stiching on my leathers & a tank protector won’t cover the area (plus I not keen on the look of them).

I’ve seen an oxford product called Paintsaver. Anyone used it ??

Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks

Not used the Oxford product as that already has a design on it I think but have used something very similar. What Ive used is basically a clear film that sits on the paintwork - you squeegie it on and smooth it out and it looks very neat. If i had the wonga, Id cover my bike in it :wink: Just peels off.

sounds cool ppgirl. What was it called, where can you get it or is it just something you could pick up in a hardware shop??

Have a look around in some hardware stores - thats a good idea. What I used is this: I think they do kits for specific bikes - from memory they are the same kits used on F1 cars.

great, I’ve just found them on the web. Thanks very much, looks like good stuff.

not used anything on my 7r but i use bike shield on my mountain bike it has a memory as well so any marks it gets they soon dissapear its a pity they don’t make it 4 motorbikes

I think theres something called venture shield that you can buy for your bike, its not cheap though.

I’m gonna go with the ventureshield. It comes form the invisiblefilm company / website. Costs £35 for a tank kit. Not too bad if it does the job. I’ll order it up when I get paid later this week. Will post up how it goes installing the stuff. Thanks all for the advice.

I think Ventureshield wrap the touring cars and F1 cars for protection so they must be fairly good