Painting fairings

Hi everyone.

Two years on, and I still love my first bike (The Yammie thundercat), however the paint has clearly suffered in the hands of a beginner. There are a few scrapes on the fairings from a couple of drops and badly positionned luggage straps. Not mentionning a couple of cracks and stone chips.

I called Sudden Impact and they quoted £800 (!!!) for a full respray. My usual garage (poleposition) started doing paint jobs recently and quoted me £500… I am not asking for any fancy graphics, just repairing cracks and repainting the same color. To be honest, given the overall value of the bike this is still too dear.

So my questions are:

1- Are these normal prices? Can car paintshops perform the same job (and cheaper?) If so can you recommend any names in and around London? (bike/car paintshops, guy in his shed, etc…)

2- Is this a job you can do yourself in your bathroom? I think I can easily weld the cracks, but I have no idea on how difficult painting is.


would it be easier /cheaper to buy second hand fairing of ebay?

Thanks, I tried that but all there is are other colours and scruffed up fairings. May be useful to buy some to test on should I go the DIY route.

Paint it yourself. It isnt difficult to do but remember that its all in the preparation. Even if you dont fancy having a go at the painting, prepping it will save you a lot of money. i would thing any bodyshop would blow a couple of coats of straight colour over it for 100-150. more for special finishes.

Painting it yourself is an option, but I prefer: - he is cost-effective and very good!

The chap from Raptorsuperpaint was at snetterton on Saturday applying his trade to a couple of bikes there and I have to say his work was excellent.