Painting engine.

I’m going to strip and paint my head and block. I was going to use plasti kote BBQ paint. Do I need to use a primer for that.


Don’t use plasticote. Everything what you need is lots of prep. work and any of high temp resistant paint. I used one from Halfords but for better finish pj1 (ebay) is way to go. Don’t need primer at all.
Halfords paint on my triple engine here:

Looks great.

I’m stripping the whole thing. I was going to powder coat the frame but thinking ill spray it myself.
What paint from halfords did you use, was it a BBQ spray? And what did you use to strip.

Pj1 looks good.

Can’t remember now. Didn’t strip, I removed loose paint, sanded down. Painted in stages. First places when paint was removed till get same thicknes than painted whole lot. Time consuming way to do but I was more than happy with results.

I used Hycote satin black on my Kawasaki engine. Spent ages preparing the surface but worth the effort in the long run.

really nice job of that mate, looks lovely.