Painted tyres

Saw a guy with his Bridgestone logos painted white on Saturday. This used to be all the rage but I haven’t seen it for ages. Is it not cool any more?

we could make it cool again!

I will if you will

I’ll do yours on Wednesday if you want :grinning:


Coincidentally this popped up in FB feed! :D

I coloured in the grooves on my tyres with a pen like Nivag has there, it looked nice I thought. for about 20 miles until the brightness of the colour went. 


Did mine in White about two months ago …

The grooves or the logo?

The grooves or the logo? yourebarred

Logos - did them white to match the bike


O dear


Ha !!

Do you get a forfeit now ?


Also matches my 4x4’s tyres (already highlighted)

The tyrecus on half painted

Rim tape next!      It also appears that you’re only using half of the available fork travel unless my eyes deceive me.

I like it!

I’m not a fan. But I guess it fits with the bike?