paint sprayer needed

im in need of a fresh paint job and wondered if you guys know anyone, or if anyone here is up to up. Single colour, tank, tail and front muddy.

Also, how much should i be looking to pay? no repairs needed, just prep and paint

grimbusa ,.on this site pm him his a great sprayer:)

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would normally offer fella but its too damned cold and i want my new compressor to arrive! :smiley: any work you want in future give us a shout an il do it for cost of paint…and a pint :wink:

Are you in Aylesbury? DWR racing have someone they use but I don’t know anyone else in the immediate area.

I sprayed my fazer fairing myself after an accident. It didn’t go 100% to plan, all perfect following the first 2 base coats but then the spray gun clogged and the top coat went on Handy Andy style with a paint brush. Hah!

DWR’s is just round corner from me, top guys in there. Will give them an ask then… cheers for all ya imput fellas