Pain at the bottom of my palm of my throttle hand...

First off, this is to say I won’t be on any rides or meetings over the weekend that I said I would be, so sorry Mark and Tim, and anyone else where I said I would do something. I am going to rest my hand for the trackday I have booked on Monday.

This is because the last couple of times I been out on the GSXR I have had a pain in my right hand. It is a strange pain, in the center of my palm at the bottom of my hand where it meets the wrist, it feels like a taut string being pulled and it is very painful.

I am guessing tendon, but I didn’t even know there was one there. The pain is not constant, it is short and sharp and usually makes me move my hand instantly due to the high amount of pain. It does not continue and I have not been able to reproduce it while not on the bike…it must be a strange combination of the weight on the hand, while it is twisting the throttle at a particular angle.

Anyone had this before, know what it is?

And more importantly…know how to stop it happening? As I say I got a trackday on Monday and I would like to take part without being in pain and without doing any permenant damage to my hand.


first guess? putting too much weight on the wrists when you ride.

couple of questions to consider:

have you adjusted the levers to a comfortable hand height?

do you keep your elbows low to create full steering torque, or do you rest on your hands?

do you hold yourself up with your legs by gripping the tank, or do you absorb most of the bumps/braking forces with upper body strength?

do you do a job that involves a lot of typing/hand usage (thats about as delicately as i can put it :wink: ?

do you ever stretch your forearms?

whats your posture/core strength like?

how tightly do you grip the throttle?

sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome to me. do you get pins & needles in your fingers too?

either way, speak to your GP

I do get pins and needles in my hands, but to be fair, that is mainly from the vibration of the bike.

I have not adjusted the levers, but I do have shorties and they seem fine height wise and pulling wise, also the pain comes when I am not using the brake, so it doesn’t appear to be a stretching issue.

I only keep my elbows low when really pushing for speed, otherwise I sit in a pretty normal upright (for a GSXR k2) position.

I do grip the tank with my knees, but generally only when i know I am hitting a bump to save me dry humping the tank.

I type a bit but I have been typing for 20 years and I probably do less typing now then I have before, I used to do data entry work and be typing millions of characters a day, now I post a load of nonsense on the internet and I doubt it comes to more then a hundred thousand.

No I don’t really stretch my forearms.

My posture is not bad, my core strength isn’t too bad either, I used to do a few situps and other exercises, though I have slacked off recently.

I try not to grip the throttle too hard most of the time, but obviously when applying throttle I tend to grip tighter so that it doesn’t slip.

As I say, I am going to rest my hand now til Monday, hopefully that will at least let me use it for the trackday without any issues.

Johnny, that was a full blown interrogation… not a couple of questions! Get a wrist rest… big rubber thing that goes under your wrist when typing… got rid of the problem for me… but then I do have a damm comfortable bike, :slight_smile:

I’d recommend bending your arms more and getting some Stomp Grips or equivalent for your tank. :wink:

Oh yeah, and MAN THE F*CK UP!!! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

id recommend buying a harley :w00t:

I recommend your posts be shorter!!!;):smiley:

This almost sounds familiar.

Pain at the bottom of your palm, thumb side or the other side? Any “odd” feelings in the elbow or shoulder?

Either way, don’t bother with the GP, mostly they’ll just proscribe pain killers and those thing don’t cure anything.

What else are you doing with your right hand that might precipitate this?

He can still type, so he’s probably not yet blind.

poor guy… such an innocent thread, to start off with anyway… :smiley:

I have heard that amputating the middle finger sometimes helps with this problem. Not sure that I believe it though?:w00t: