Paid work for the right people with the right bikes... interested?

A cameraman colleague is seeking two motorbike owner/riders for work as camera bikes on a South London Marathon around the 25th September. Work would involve riding round with cam operator on the back, at the same pace as the runners.

I am looking for 2 riders with bikes that are appropriate for carrying a cameraman shooting on a fullsize TV Camera. This means no 125’s mopeds, or sports bikes I’m afraid. Ideally Tourers or similar to safely and comfortably accommodate a professional cameraman at work. It does also go without saying, that a safe, and smooth riding style is required… if you can’t ride without the throttle wide open, then sorry, we can’t use you either I’m afraid.

Insurance would be covered for the work, and time and petrol would be compensated. No figures at this point. I am trying to find out if there are two such folk on here who could help out in the first place…

Please PM me if interested, or if you got my number already, give me a call.

Cheers, Toby-1-kenobi.

Bummer I’ve done that before for the London marathon many years ago, but I don’t think a supermoto is quite the right bike and I’m on holiday on the 25th.

I was approached because I was an bike instructor at the time, maybe you could try the IAM, just a suggestion.

underseat exhausts might ruin his legs if he’s facing the other way so that’s me out :smiley:

Shame, but good idea. Cheers

Guessing ideally a bike with a standard can and not a full on race can!

Gutted i dont ahve teh right bike. Would love to do this!

he said bike lewis not toy;)


Borrow my BMW, its the cameraman’s delight, if you think you can handle it.

my brother and his bandit 600 are up for this

Really??/ I couldnt take libertys. Im sure someone will come along and say YES!

FJR 1300 The perfect bike. How much cash are we talking, it will have to be a tidy some to get me south of the river. :slight_smile:

i might be able to do it…shall I put on the panniers to make it more comfy for the cameraman?

I’ve wanted to do this for years. Not sure how suitable my Bandit would be though; presumably cameramen prefer big comfy Pan Euros or Beemers. My seat does contain gel inserts though :cool:

PM sent.

PM sent from a PAn owner :slight_smile:

could do it on my 'Bird

+1 have to put the standed cans back on tho

Great bike for the job:D

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ here toby-1-kenobi.

It was good fun, albeit hot, hard work riding at sub 10mph with a cameraman sitting the wrong way round and moving around a lot.

The brief was good though ‘find the prettiest girls and film from all angles’ :smiley:

No worries, hope it wasn’t too much hassle. Ant’s a good bloke and a biker himself. Hope you got some lunch out of it too! :slight_smile:


checks MCN classifieds for price of secondhand Pan

Me too :frowning: