Paid Focus Group - Bikers who wear glasses / contact lenses

Hi everyone!! We’re a Market Research Company based in Hammersmith called London Focus and we’re looking for bike / scoooter riders who wear contact lenses or spectacles when they ride, to take place in a paid focus discussion group next Tuesday lunchtime (24th). The research lasts for 45 minutes and respondents will receive £25 cash as a thank you for their participation. This is purely a research exercise, no attempts will be made to sell you anything, neither during the session or as a result of your participation. These rules are binding as laid down by our industry watchdog “The Market Research Society”. London Focus is registered with the O.I.C (Data Protection Act 1998)If you are interested in taking part or would simply like some more information then please call 020 8563 7117 and quote project “goggles”. A short questionnaire will need to be asked to determine qualification and time.

More information on our company can be found at

Dave Taylor (Project Manager)

Is this a friggin joke, can’t even see what’s written:D

The company name, phone number, nature of business and web link all tie up and appear legit.

I am busy that day, but would consider giving it a go if I was nearer to Hammersmith.

BTW, they should have used a larger font size of course!

Sorry, I’ll repost with bigger font size!!!:slight_smile: