Paddock Stands

I need to go and buy a new paddock stand, I’m shortly buying a bike without a centrestand, and obviously need one for lubing and adjusting the chain. Any recommendations? Would the freebie Oxford one that Bike magazine are currently giving away with new subscriptions be any good?


they’ll do the job fine.

if you’re looking for more quality kit then harris stands are very good (they use the hooks and bobbins). better leverage and easier to seat the hooks than the flat lifters under the swing arm

I use an Abba Superbike stand, this locks into the swing arm pivot and makes it much easier to lift the bike on your own and more stable when supported. Bit pricey but worth it I feel for regular use.

The Abba stand looks good and at £90 not too pricey in the scheme of things.

Wow, that Abba stand looks really good, especially as I’ll be on my own most of the time, but it’s a bit pricey at £100 including the fitting kit… I don’t suppose they sell them at Infinity do they…It’s just I’ve got £130 worth of vouchers to use there courtesy of a leaving present I got a while ago

HARRIS NEW GENERATION STAINLESS STEEL "PRONG TYPE" REAR PADDOCK STAND+1 for rear stand, but for front stand, I find them quite difficult - that might be because I had to replace the fork leg holders - but that illustrates another difficulty with them, which is that the holders come out easily (due to lots of use rather than not attempting to secure them in place with cable ties etc)…I think I will be getting out the welder and some springs and adapting mine to make it a little easier to use. The fork legs are different lengths on the bike, which make it harder to use, especially when on your own and the back flips up under stress on certain surfaces :smiley:

I’ve got a Champion traditional stand, An NWS Pro-Stand and an ABBA stand and the ABBA wins all day long for ease of operation, stability and ease of raising the front end too:cool:

PS. If anyone has an ABBA and needs adaprors for a new shape R1 gis a shout:cool:

+1 for Abba Stands. Much more stable for doing any work on the bike.

Just had a look at their website and cant see anything I could use for the front - the bellypan lifters wouldnt work on my track bike as the fairing isnt supported underneath and would buckle under supporting the weight of the entire bike. The front lift stand therefore wouldnt work.

Are the ones you have described listed anywhere else?

I’ve never seen one used on race bikes ppg.Good old front and rear stands seem to be the norm:)

haven’t had any probs with the front ones myself but dare say you’re putting them through their paces more often than me. have used ones with the pins that locate in the recesses under the forks and they were a bit easier. Harris do a yoke lift one which might be better for you?in terms of the original post, ABBA stands are a bit overkill for chain lubing/general maintance to be fair. can see how they’d be handy if yo’ure taking off the full front end

I find those really hard - especially on an uneven surface (take Cadwell for example)…

I do have a yoke one for when Im looking at fork changes, but am still to find a really good reliable front stand you can use on your own without difficulty. I was quite happy with the Harris front until I lost the little arm on one side. The replacements just dont seem to be as easy to use…

Will see how I get on with the mod and let you know :wink:

pin fronts are a pain in the ar$e as has been said. motrax do the best and easiest one around at the moment. its an ally one and is quick and easy to use. i’ve got some crappy old stands that do me fine. can’t be bothered to change em till these ones break.

Got my Abba Superbike stand yesterday… took an eternity to unwrap it from the packaging, put it all together… this afternoon afterwork I came home, and used it to lube the chain…

It’s the dog’s swingers :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who recommended it…

Does anyone want the Oxford rear paddock stand I’m getting from Bike magazine for renewing my subscription?

is it free? :smiley: lol