Paddock stands.

I want to get paddock stands for the Gix as i already have the R&G spools. Can you use normal stands or your own or is it a two man job?


It’s a one man job. However you decide to jack it up (I personally just invert my cup fitments to put the rods through the wheel spindle), you just put the stand in place, then one hand on the bike, and one hand pushes down on the stand, very easy.

You’re not lifting the weight of the bike, it’s a balance thing, like doing a centre-stand.

I guess it’ll all become obvious when i try it but it just looks as though you would need two people.

Any suggestions on where to buy from?

To err on the side of caution, at least the first few times you try this, get a mate to hover over the bike on the ready, just in case. If you still cant do it or are nervous, employ a pit monkey like I do

Anybody know where to get yoke lift front stands ?

I can recommend abbastands’ superbike stand, it lifts the bike from the swingarm pivot & is easily manageable for one person. One handed even. Really rock-solid once lifted too. A bit expensive at about £90 but really solid, last a lifetime.
Oh and you can get adapters of some sort if you want to lift the bike from elsewhere to remove the swingarm.

You can get them from the race support vehicles at club racing meets, thats for sure.

Perhaps I should of said where can you buy them, unless thats what you meant.

Exactly what I meant. There are a couple of companies that turn up to all our club race meets and they carry loads of spares and other stuff, that includes paddock stands. All for us racers to purchase (or anyone else visiting).

I know you are at BRands last week end of this month, I have my kids or would pop down, could you find out how much?

If you can afford it get yourself an abba stand as there much easier and you can get the front wheel off the ground as well with the help of a small block of wood

Was thinking of getting one myself but would have to relocate the horn.

i did that, but ended up with bike not where i wanted though, i will never attempt to put my bike on the Paddock stand by myself again… its not a pretty sight seeing the bike on the deck even with R&Gs and no subsequent damage.