paddock stands at trackdays

just been informed that No Limits are now hiring out stands,warmers and extension leads at their track days

anyone know if the others are likely to follow suit?

if not, B - do you fancy mentioning this to focussed? i’d defo like the option to hire at least the stands and lead at some of the days i plan on going to (e.g. i fancy silverstone on the april bank hol but getting all the gear there in bank hol traffic could be painful)

That’s a brilliant idea.

Sounds like a good idea JB, ill mention it to Mark at Focused, theyre always looking for ways to improve things for the riders.

If youre struggling carrying parts for Silverstone you can stick them in my van, coming to think of it i think theres only a few spaces left so book up soon

JB, mate you can trow it inmy van the day befor and ride up !

cheers guys. dont have a car so would still have to arrange for my girl to get her motor to ferry to the stuff to and from your places anyway. thanks tho

starting to toy with teh idea of getting a van/hiring/leasign one if the track days get more regular

or…a baddass american pickup with a long flatbed!

JB, a bit of good news. Focused appear not to be doing this themselves but i think youve met Paul from [email protected]. He runs the trackday supplies etc on most of the days and will be at Silverstone on the 9th April so youll be able to hire the kit out on the day if you want to.
I`ll let you know more when i speak to him again.

nice one B. yeah, please let me know

Update: JB, tyre warmers, stands and x leads will be available for hire at the same cost as No-Limits, which i understand is £27.50.
If youre still interested in them for Silverstone on the 9th April i can make sure theyre reserved for you or anyone else.

ill go for that b always wondered what its like to go out on pre heated hoops!!

Thats 27.50 all in?

Yes all inclusive providing you don`t damage them or burn them out by leaving them switched on when you take them off.

Ill make sure theyre available on the day Adz, enjoy the extra grip from the word go!

nice one B. will see if susie is planning to bring her car or not (still hasn’t worked that out). if not i’m defo in for the stands

yeah, defo a good plan Adz - more grip, less worry/feeling for the tyres in the first lap or two, more fun!

Sure JB.

Anyone else who wants to try tyre warmers,stands and x leads just let me know