Paddock stands... again

Ah I know this has been debated to death but I wanted to ask a question about paddock stands as now I have a garage I have no excuse not to have one :slight_smile:

Ok first of all, I’m not buying an Abba… too much money for me

Now I have seen a couple but the question I want to ask is whether or not it is important that the paddock comes as one piece? Is this much more sturdier and worth the almost twice the price of just the standard biketek one that I see everywhere?

This is what I mean: LINK VS LINK

Oh yeah I forgot to mention… important that it has hooks as I just bought some R&G bobbins… and I don’t want to be buying one extra add-on… :slight_smile:

I have an Oxford one which comes in three pieces, but is very sturdy. You could buy from me, but it only has the regular ‘arms’, not those for bobbins.
Should that be ‘hands’ - not sure.

Im going to get a front one one off ebay for about 28 quid from Germany I see little point on lashing out shit loads when I will only use when I need tryes or want to clean my wheels… I have a cheap second hand one for the rear and its done me a good service!!!

Just bought a new biketek one for 23 quid delivered next day…which is handy cause i need to take the front wheel off at the weekend.

Looks pretty bloody sturdy too.

You’ll know how sturdy it is when you put it together.
My bike’s heavy, but the cheapo stand I have is excellent for simple stuff.

But I would recommend getting bobbins, and hooks. Will make life really easy. Plus you’re strong enough to hold your bike still whilst you attach the stand!

Dont cry like a baby if you drop it though! :w00t:

Think I paid about £20? and prefer it to using the Abba we’ve got. Much quicker too.

if you want an abba stand theres a bloke making shall we say copies on

I have a front wheel chock for making it simple to put on a rear stand…not tried taking away the chock while it is on the rear stand.

I have a missus to hold up the bike though :stuck_out_tongue:

…until he p1sses her off lol :stuck_out_tongue:

lol - it doesn’t go anywhere, trust me (if you’re on bobbins).

Once you get the knack, it’s second nature

bobbins have been ordered… what I plan to do is just put a paving stone under the stand for a bit just to level the bike out while I get the hang of putting the paddock in place… :slight_smile:

Cool I’ll go for the biketek ones then :smiley:

I’d be interested to hear what you get as i have a crap one from Honda with shitty rubber ledges.

Nothing compares to the moment when you are balancing your pride and joy from behind and trying to raise your foot up to push the stand down! Haha - its not fun but a relief when its up and sturdy :slight_smile:

Whats a paddock stand?

We are not members of the pony club.:slight_smile:

I am now toiling with the idea of buying something ‘sturdier’ for a bit more money like the one piece paddock I linked earlier

I don’t know why but every time I see the ebay ad for the ‘universal’ paddock stand, alarm bells go off… And Biketek don’t supply their paddock stands with hooks so I don’t want to buy adaptors separately…

Ah choices choices… :smiley:

DUDE!! U’ve used my paddicks before and they have 3 different fittings with em. they were cheap too. Ebay! get it done son :slight_smile:

which one is yours?

Ok first of all, I’m not buying an Abba… too much money for me[/url]

I was the same as you, bought 2 paddock stands which came to £60 and spent plenty of time fettling them to fit properly and my bike balanced precariously while I changed wheels etc. I then went on E-Bay and won a decent second hand abba stand with fittings for £62. I wouldn’t go back to the other stands now, it’s so sturdy :slight_smile:

A good block of wood, placed under the side stand to make the bike a little less tilted goes a long way to help when putting on the paddock and the same piece of wood, well placed, can help when taking it off.

Just don’t get a piece of wood that is so large that it makes your bike unbalanced.

Well I ended up buying THESE

Arrived today, seem pretty sturdy but had to leave them at the office until my brother comes with the car on friday before I can try them on the bike… :slight_smile:

thats a great price Alex :slight_smile:

Let look better than mine as well :smiley: