Paddock stand or...

Axle stands…
what do you think of this idea?

paddock stand, i have the same bike as you, get a biketec one (twentysomething quid) does the job.

use block of wood under the side stand to make life a little easier.

Yeah, thinking logically, paddock stand is the way forward.
Just got myslef a garage so thought i should set myself up for chain adjust/lube properly :smiley:

some people swear by ABBA stands, i only use a stand for lubing the chain so went for the cheap option.

I use axle stands, never done me wrong

Just to be different, both.

I have a cheap piece of sh*t paddock stand that works half well. (Would work better is I could find the hooks for the swinging arms bobbins.) Using the flat stand brackets I have a big timber wedge for the back wheel to stop the bike rolling forward (works a tad better that the brick in front of the wheel) for the lift bit.

O.K. so far?

Then I have a cheap wind up threaded axle stand and a wooden plate to go under the sump to lift the front wheel. The whole thing is a bit amateur night but works well. I’d guess the whole lot cost about £20 plus some scrap timber.

Now where did I put those effing paddock stand hooks?

Old guy, you could make some out of a couple of D shackles, like i did. works ok.

Good call Rosso. As a master cheap skate cobbler, I’m appalled that I didn’t think of that one. If I can find them I think I even have a couple of suitable D shackles left over from my sailing days.

Now where did I put those?

If you buy a scott oiler you will never have to lube the chain again!! Plus you don’t need a paddock stand to adjust a chain anyway mate…