Paddock Girl Rebellion!


Was that gabs? :smiley:

hahaha i did not expect that!!!



didnt see that coming, nor did the racer by the look of it :D:D

Haha Genius :D:cool::smiley:

WTF! :slight_smile:

edit: could it possibly have been Nina Prinz? (sounds like German fans)


Who was it then?

How do I know? I know who it isn’t though;)

It’s not Katja Poensgen either;):smiley:

Look her up;):smiley:

How do you know it isn’t? I can’t see how you (or anyone, me included) can be certain either way TBH. Unless of course someone can find more evidence.

Quite cool though.
I wonder how much it cost the team (in penalties?) to pull a stunt like that - can’t have been for real, surely?

Is not looking at her face a good enough reason to eliminate her from your enquiries or do you want DNA to make sure she hasn’t had major plastic surgery?;):P:D

Granted, the excellent quality video and the photo I linked to don’t show much similarity. Mind you, the cheek bones and nose are there and the amount of make up a paddock girl usually wears could even make you good!
Well, not really :wink:

Ok, ok. Rumbled, it was me!:stuck_out_tongue: