pad, chain, sprockets.

Hey all,I need to get new brake pads and a chain and sprockey kit for the 600rr 05. after reading all the threads im a bit lost…lol… . I do alot of town riding but i do get out and thrash it a bit. not track…Im also thinking about taking 1 off the front. will that make a difference? and will it mess anything up.

can you guys help please.

i was thinking bendix sintered pads

renthal sprockets and a xring gold chain. not sure which one.

can someone tell me exactly what i need.

Sprockets… Taking one tooth off the front will give you quicker acceleration… Likewise adding 2 teeth at the back…It will take a little off your maximum speed… but does it matter if you can only go 145mph instead of 150mph??? (NB* who needs that kinda speed anyway??? ) :cool:

It will effect the rev count at higher speeds eg: 6500revs at 80 as opposed to 6000revs… get my drift?? Also… you may find that it will effect the accuracy of your speedo… not much but something to be aware of…

as for brands… Iv’e put Renthal ones on my bike… and a Tsubaki Gold X ring chain… I supppose just for an extra bit of quality… standard steel sprokets would be fine… but… I would say spend £10 extra for the X ring chain… It should last longer and is a bit stronger…

Steer clear of aluminium sprockets, they wont last that long for road use.

The teeth will give you better acceleration, but you will have to fit something that will recalibrate your speedo, cos that will be out as it comes off the gearbox, or you can guess… :wink: