Packing tips for plane trip - with MC gear

Question Nr 1. Can you take helmet on board with airlines like Ryanair/Easyjet? Any tips?

I was thinking to check in luggage/gymbag, obviously I would be taking leathers with me. Question how do you pack them so they wouldn’t be damaged whilst in transfer? what bag is better for that? 

Thank you 

When I went to Iceland I wore full Rukka and bike boots on the should be able to fit a helmet in a Rucksack or helmet bag and take it on as hand luggage.

That must have been worth a picture, Mark! :slight_smile:

Been on EasyJet and Air France in bike kit. Doable but a PITA at security. Definitely take your lid on as hand luggage, and everything else? Check in your topbox?

You guys must have looked like a cross between Robocop and a Power Ranger.

Most airlines won’t allow you to take a helmet as hand luggage. … had first hand experience.

What if you wear the helmet?

Somehow i think being wrestled to the ground by armed officers and then possibly a cavity search may be involved if you do that

Win/Win then.

Cavity search doesn’t sound bad at all. Might be a reason to wear a helmet on a plane for once!

Some people pay good money for that sort of experience…

Do you mean it in the “my friend likes this sort of thing” way?

I wish the record to show I did not answer this question.

We have carried crash helmets ( hand luggage) on two separate flights.
British Airways from New York, no problems.



Thanks everyone for reply. 

I have checked with Ryanair and Easyjet, helmet is not restricted item(not on the list). Problem is that Ryanair allows carry on luggage of the size 45-40-20 (cm). At least my helmet(Shoei size L) doesn’t fit in the last 20cm band, mine is 23cm wide. I mean it’s right there but not exactly so if they will not ask you to put it their size check box you should be fine especially if one would put it to the backpack.  It’s much better with Easyjet their allowance is  56-45-25, so helmet fits.  

You guys must have looked like a cross between Robocop and a Power Ranger. Aceman
I was in two piece leathers with kneesliders on them so I will have looked like a Power Ranger! Security got pretty miffed at my Alpinestars boots, but I got on. The screwdrivers and aerosol of WD-40 I had in the tankbag didn't bother them in the slightest...

On a KLM flight right now. Boots set off the metal detector but no issues otherwise.



Helmet considered an accessory, not part of a hand baggage allowance. Fits in the overhead fine; obviously can’t be checked in. Flown with a helmet a dozen or so times; never an issue - so far!



several times been on dirt biking trips  … with full armour  … dirt bike boots covered in shit  … and helmet in my rucksack (often have to take the peak off)  … interesting the post above about helmet considered an accessory !!