No one seems to know how oyster cards work. Especially the staff on the platforms.

Interchanging between tube and overground, there are readers everywhere. So I touched out and in as I changed. Charged me bloody 1.70! Was told just carry on and touch out at the other end. It should regulate itself.

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Do you mean you got a statement and it showed you were charged twice?

Unless you exited then re-entered thorough barriers  when you did not need to, the staff are right.  Your first touch on a standalone reader should have ended your journey, with the charge shown for it.  Any other touches on standalone readers at the station ignored as duplicate exits.  But when you touch to leave the final station that previous exit is disregarded and the fare recalculated and displayed for the full journey you made.

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I need to get a log to see what happened.

There were no barriers when I changed from tube to overground at Finsbury park but there are readers at the exit and entry points so I touched on both.

So I guess I excited and entered at the same station, different readers, and the reader said it charged 1.30 on the second touch.

no one really understand how oyster cards work. its just one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Finsbury Park is definitely one of the stations where repeated touches should all count as an exit, and then be ignored if you then exit elsewhere.  So the readers should just keep showing the cost for the assumed journey and balance on the card.

Even if the second touch did count as the start of a new journey, it could not show a fare for a second one as it does not know where you are going!  And the card would instead be tagged for the maximum fare*, which will then be charged if you do not later touch out.

*Which I think is the greater of the peak fare from the starting station to either zone 1 or zone 9.  (I have family who used to work on the trains.)