Oxtar boots, free to a good home

Oxtar bike boots, worn a bit but in good condition, size 7.

free to a good home, if your interested say so on here and i will decide who gets em etc, sorry to do it like that but in past have gave stuff away only to find it on ebay so please have em for your use od for the missus/girlfriend etc

pick up only, se london

cheers, John

Ill take them! :cool:

where abouts are you based?


am in most evenings etc some during day

I will if he can’t!!

Thats a bit cuntish people selling stuff you gave them on eBay.

Name n shame dude ? ? ?

not off this site which is a good thing, :slight_smile:

boris is due to pick em up friday, if dont happen will let you know.

Cool!! Cheers fella… Currently riding a 600 ninja in motocross boots!!! Uncomfy to say the least!!!

Oh he’ll be there. Reliable geezer.

when there free stuff on offer, ill always be there :cool:

(not sure timing yet, going there after a visit to ER)

i dont doubt that m8.

Have you just outed yourself as the one who took Joby’s free porn? :hehe:

Did MR C collect???:crying:

Mr B (boris) did collect m8, he said if no good for the missus he will pass em on, i said you got dibs.

Ok, Cheers fella.

Thank you so much!I’m Boris’ gf and I really like my boots :slight_smile:

Sorry Topgooner :frowning:

Dear Boris’ girlfriend.

Ask your boyfriend to answer my last question … is Boris the recipient of Joby’s free porn or not?



i reckon so mr-c with joby’s above comment they must of had recent dealings in ‘gruff’ was it?? :laugh: