Oxfordshire Scraps Speed Cameras

Rideout there soon then!

But, but, surely we need more cameras to catch those drunk, drugged, dangerous, uninsured, untaxed drivers out there?:wink:

hahaha excellent! how funny, im very suprised!

Doesn’t Jeremy Clarkson live in Oxfordshire? There’s shirley no connection though.

Who’s shirley and what does she have to do with it? :smiley:

Doesn’t that guy who has a fake speed camera in his front garden live in Oxfordshire? His will probably be the only one left in the county soon then :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmmmmmmmm a lot of our favourite routes include a bit of Oxfordshire - lovely countryside;)

im jumping up and down in my pants in the office as i look forward to the next oxford ride!!:D:D:D

Im not sure this is a good move as they may replace cameras with more police on the ground, and they hide in any place they can!!! At least we could see the cameras.

Police officers can act with discretion. If you happen to be doing 57 through a 50 zone with open country roads and no-one around, a police officer might decide that a chat is more appropriate then 3 points on your licence and £60 fine, a camera has no such discretion.

Also, good I hope they do put more coppers out there, Coppers catch drunks, people without insurance, people without a licence, people driving erratically and dangerously. Cameras catch none of them, as long as they drive within the speed limit. One of the things I have hated about speed cameras for a very long time.

Wow im amazed thats actually happening…

Shame its not Bedfordshire, has anyone been down the A505 through Dunstable?
Speed cam hell!!!

I can’t really imagine they’ll re-instate the budget for the traffic Police they took off the roads. Recently, the road side speed cameras I’ve seen have been a single policeman with a laser, the system seems to rely on the speed camera taking a photo, so with no front plate all you get is a cheery wave from the policeman as he holds up 4 fingers to indicate 40 mph when you were surely doing over 60.

Are we going to see one last golden age, where there are no speed cameras and no traffic police and we can all quietly take the **** and get away with it?

Would be nice to think so - if we all behave, ride/drive fast only when it is safe to do so, make the accident statistics drop for a change (they always say it’s safety not revenue ha ha) you never know …:cool:

The speed cameras in this area were so obvious they were never going to make any money. :smiley: You would have to be a complete knob to miss them :smiley:

Been a couple of years since I went riding in Oxfordshire. Been ages since I did Fish Hill.

I did my speed awareness in Oxford… apparently they only have 3 working cameras in the county anyways…

Fish Hill is swarming with unmarked police skodas. I found this out when I flashed one out of the way. :smiley:

That’s great, my only fear is that you’ll get a bunch of idiots rushing there to speed. Accident figures will temporarily shoot up reinforcing the “Speed cameras are great” mentality.

Fingers crossed the idiots hold back for a year.

Hasn’t happened in Swindon, has it ? they report no change to accident statistics sionce they turned the cameras off…

it would be nice to see all the cameras go.

The vast majority of Police (people) I’ve met have been good - solid, reasonable, able to tell the difference between people driving/riding quickly but safely and an arse.

I’d much rather deal with a proper Policeman than a machine going ‘flash, flash’.

Hate it when that happens. 6:30am on the way to Cadwell last year. I’m pushing on a bit on NSL rural roads and there’s some idiot coming towards me with ultra-bright headlights on full beam. So I flash him. Oh. Wait. It’s a police car doing 75-80. Cue some spirited riding[1] while glancing in the mirror watching for him to do the U-Turn.

[1]You know the thing. Stealthy up to the brow of the hill or to the corner and then somewhat faster when you’re out of sight.