Oxford Stormex Waterproof Bike Cover

Just moved and I now have a garage (at last!!) so I have a rarely used Medium sized Oxford Stormex bike cover up for grabs. Used…but not much.

Used to cover a CBR600f and there was still plenty of room, so if you bike is around that size, you will good to go. Don’t think it will be big enough for big trailies or Triumph Rockets or bikes like that :wink:

But as winter approaches & the weather starts getting grim, you can keep your bike snug…it will thank you for it…honest!!

Pick up from Victoria Mon-Fri. £20 and it’s yours. PM me & we can go from there.



Just to add these are fantastic covers. My bike got knocked over while parked with no cover and it cost over £2k to fix. Unfortunatly got knocked over again last week with this cover on and the only damage was a small scuff on the bar end and a little hole in the cover. Well worth the money.:smiley:

you have a pm dude

Mate if someone hasn’t already had it I’ll take it. I can pick it up tomorrow.

PM’d ya.

Hey Chris

My bike thanks you for her new Duvet :smiley:

Was good meeting you





Looks as snug as a bug. The reflective bits work as well, cool.

Hope you got home in good time, looking at the time your pic was taken at least you got home before midnight :slight_smile:

Anytime you are in the area give me a shout & I’ll pop the kettle on.