Oxford Stomex Cover

Am after one of these babies to keep the bike snug as im not going to get anything built to keep it in before winter proper…

Had a look and there is medium and large sizes available

210 x 100 x 150cm (large £60)
L195 x W81 x H141cm (med £50)

offical bike size: 203L x 730W x 118h mine does have a double bubble so a smig taller

Does any one have one and can recomend which size to get?



The Medium will be fine. We only sell Larges to people with HUGE Harleys or Goldwings!:smiley:

I’ve got a ‘medium’ one and it covers the ninja perfectly. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still in good condition.

got the medium to cover a GSX K7,

I find it a bit big for my bike.


I got mine for free in an insurance claim for an old cover that got damaged when a nob reversed into my CBR. As before seems a little big for my bike (medium) but works great.

Thnaks, looks like medium it is then :slight_smile: