Oxford Sports Heated Grips

Hello EverybodyI purchased a set of the new Oxford Sports heated grips. They are the ones for 2009 and are designed for sports bikes hence the grip is only 22mm thick unlike the old oxford touring ones that are really thick.

They come with a cut out switch inbuilt which means you can go directly to the battery and if you forget to turn them off they cut out when the voltage drops to a certain amount leaving you enough to still start your bike. I purchased mine off ebay for £66. They have a few different settings on them…The hottest setting was burning my hand…yeah baby…toasty…

I use my bike all year round (proper hardcore) and can’t justify buying a second bike when i paid loads for my bike…Rather get the use out of it then leave it sitting in the garage…Not fussed about road salt etc…got ACF-50 for that… Anyway…I must say this are a nice little thing to fit on your bike as winter is coming…Just nice to have the option to turn them on if your hands are cold…Excellent product…IMOOh and I have a set forsale on behalf of my ate who just sold his bike…added for Jetstream…The forums version of inspector moorse…I mean Gadget…lol

Heated grips rock. I love my set of Oxfords - essential kit for winter commuting, in my opinion.

Of course, El Diablo will be along shortly to tell us we’re both pansies… :stuck_out_tongue:

But warm handed pansies!

I hope you don’t have the same problem I do with mine, which refuse to switch on when the temperature is below freezing, ie when I really need to use them :w00t:

Real bikers just put better gloves on.

(But we secretly wish we’d bought heated grips. As another year round biker, thanks for the recommendation.)

Seriously, has anyone actually seen El Tel on a bike in any weather ??? :smiley:

Oxford grips are pukka, should of got em years ago. My winter courier days would of been so much easier :slight_smile:

Hope yours work better than mine did, switch on 1st set I had broke after about 6 months, couldn’t find receipt so bought another set and same happened with them, they only wanted to work when it wasn’t too cold which is no bloody good!!!

There you go again with the using ur bike all year round !!! :wink: and yes i already have heated grips and they are hot too…i also have wheels and a light on the front of my bike…oh and a seat too…ive got the holder for my sat nav and i have my battery charger placed in a easy position to use the optimate when i need it instead of undoing my seat and charging straight to the terminals…i also have a alarm and oh yes…i seem to have room for my tracker too…ive got crg levers which are nice and small so if i did crash they wont break off, i have braided hoses too, erm, ive replaced fairing with carbon, ive got a carbon yoshi…ive got a black double bubble screen, ive had my wheels sprayed blue n black to match the mirrors ive had sprayed blue n black that matches the seat i had recovered and in yes…blue n black…and yes i like many ride when i want and where i want…summer/winter whenever…does that cover what u want to know about me and my bike…:wink: (yes im being sarky, its wednesday, its cold and im fed up already!)

Why you being like this to me for? Lauching this attack on me? I ain’t done nothing wrong have I…I’ll go and shuffle myself off for a little cry…:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway talking about all weathers. When I went to Ahhhh Haa Mex ico Andele andele mami speedy gonzales

I rode a bike I hired out there all through Hurricane Rita…

ha ha, cos i CAN be like that to u !! :wink: As for the hurricane rita !! wow, now that would be something to ride faster for !! imagine trying to outrun a hurricane !! :w00t:

I have had two sets of Oxford Grips ( the dial ones and the sealed button box ones).

The first set the on/off switch jammed after a month of use. The second set failed after a month in an on condition so I had to pull the bike apart to stop it draining the battery (despite the cut out you mentioned which was not operating either). Both were mounted in dry places out of the weather behind the bike’s plastics so it was not wet that killed them. They do seem to be very unreliable as I know others that have had loads of problems with them.


+1 for heated grips :D:D

What else is going to happen to all those kangaroo pelts from the Aussie dog food industry?

You owe it to that dead marsupial to buy a bit of it’s skin.

Sorry to post in the wrong section:D

Rideout 25th Dec, no heated grips allowed:)

Destination dependant upon weather forecast for the day. Probably an exposed section of the North Sea coast, Lindisfarne as like as not but we will consult the tide table nearer the time:w00t:

would think Aberdeen be more suitable for a “chilly” rideout :D:D

Moto-king, do your grips work through thick winter gloves that well?

I’ve got alpinestar 365 gore tex jobs and have been told that heated grips wouldn’t really work that well…

Gore Tex gloves aren’t recommended for use with heated grips as it affects the working of the membrane.

You are risking your chances of a refund of the gloves if they develop a fault and you mention the fact that you use heated grips (knowledge gained from working in a well-known London bike shop).

thanks Garret I didn’t know that. Cheers.

Oxford heated grips are the way to go, I used to own a pair and they bat the Honda ones I have now straight out the park!

And all the naysayers: get a life, you probably don’t ride at high speeds in wintery conditions all the time like the rest of us do :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for some so let me know what price you selling them for.

I posted a question but no one answered:) I see Oxford does a few of them, hard to choose one. Quite a few other companies do them and I have no idea which ones are better.