Oxford Infinity Ladies' event Sunday: racing celebs, savings, live music


Spidi one please

It’s not mail order YB - you have to attend

https://www.facebook.com/MariaCostelloRacing/posts/10153586395716580 Changyammi
Ooops somebody messed up !

What a liberty

Might have to take a ride to H tomorrow and check out the errmm gear :wink:

Another cockup to add to their list is that WIMA are also organising a world record attempt for the largest female rideout on the same day. Doh. I’ll still head on over to Infinity in a bit though as it could very well involve some retail therapy.

You should be voting against such misleading tactics with your feet!

Boycott the event

I’m only to willing to put my principles to one side if a bargain is involved (which knowing the prices at Infinity, there probably won’t be).

If you get your purse out I’m starting a ‘Shame on you Janey’ thread :wink:

My purse??? Oh good grief noooo, I’m going with the other half so my purse won’t be seeing any action :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The irony is that Infinity at Hanger Lane did organise a ladies night years ago, and Maria was there.

Well the ride was fun but I think I’m not the only one who wanted to see lots of lady bikers… Which there is hardly any by the way :joy:

Sounds like there may have been a boycott then

There was hardly anyone there, Lady biker or otherwise. It was no busier than a usual Sunday at H’s, which was a shame. Infinity had all of their usual gear at their usual prices, so the only thing that we bought was a coffee.

So you did get your purse out!

Sadly my pocket is coin shorter now

That’s not a euphemism for baps is it?