Oxford Humpback Panniers

Humm… I wonder why the platinum one’s on special offer? Do they look that bad?

Platinum £57.49 - Black £114.99 :blink:

They look like a good option for my '08 R6.

Anyone used them before? Any good?


I sold a pair of black/blue ones on here as aan unwanted gift to RobC - he might dbe able to advise…

As for the oxford ‘platinum’ colours… shiny is all i can say. I speak for the tank bag they do in that - so panniers might be different.
Grab a piccy on google of the platinum ones annd see what you think. Or pop in a shop and look - if you like - then go back and buy from MnP

Cheers iank. I’m going to pop down the shops soon.

I’ve also just seen that Hein Gericke have some nice looking panniers for £60 :slight_smile:

Yeap, they’re great, thanks iank. Used them numerous times, including on my recent epic ride out of 1000 miles in 24hrs :). Ok so the colour doesnt match my bike but so what. They fit well, can store loads - and they expand. Also have waterproof covers although I use ‘drybags’ inside instead. Highly recomend them.

Thanks for the input RobC. Decision time’s this weekend :wink:

I have Oxford something’s, which were about £50 and are good, have lasted ages for me, but George has those Hein Gericke ones and they are really good, especially for the money, really sturdy and better than the oxford ones for the money I think.