Own up ....was it you?


Serves 'em right, pillocks

Nope. My parish does not extend that far!!

They’re only doing their job Kevsta. Though why the need to plaster it all over social media I don’t know.


I’m calling the bikers tossers. Police are doing there job. Why over social media? Because even after a year, 4 million confirmed cases, 100’000s hospitalised, 110’000 dead people are still not getting it. It’s really quite sad.


If you can tell me how riding a motorbike is likely to spread CV Kevsta, I’d have a lot of sympathy for your position.

Going outside, riding a bike for fun is clearly illegal atm (so not a lot of sympathy for them getting a fine) but not buying into the argument that they are putting anyone’s health at risk (assuming they are social distancing when they stop).

Just this week - front page of the guardian - report from govt scientists that being outdoors is extremely low risk in terms of transmission.

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It doesn’t spread Covid, but it is an necessary journey which puts them at generic greater risk.

To put it simply, if one of them slips on some gravel and needs an ambulance, that’s an ambulance that’s not able to pick up someone and take them to hospital because they can’t breathe.

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You could say that any time me_groovy. I take it you’ll no longer be riding again given that the next time you do, should you crash, that’s an ambulance that’s not able to pick up someone else…?

If our ambulance service and A&E service was currently overwhelmed, you might have a point. My understanding (from a relative who works in A&E) is that it isn’t. Hence why I shall be riding for pleasure the moment I am legally allowed to :slight_smile:

My understanding from friends who are paramedics, is that the ambulance service is on it’s knees. None of them have been able to take time off. Also then whenever one of them tested positive, both members of that crew had to be off duty for 10 days.

Hospital admissions from CV are currently at less than 1/4 of their peak in January. (reported today as it goes)

I prefer to rely on the actual facts rather than anecdotal evidence on message boards :slight_smile:

You of course are welcome to make your own choice as/when we can legally ride…as will others.

Anyone interested can read the actual stats on admissions here:
On Monday 904 hospital admissions from CV vs a peak of 4134.

Things are clearly/thankfully much improved in that respect.

More good today news ref NHS levels.

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